10 Ways To Organically Improve Your Off-Page Authority

Long ago, in the prehistoric times before the internet, building brand awareness and authority had absolutely nothing to do with building backlinks.  Nowadays, backlink and citation building are vital elements of increasing your business’s online presence and visibility, but they reach the height of effectiveness when complemented and supported by the efforts and actions of businesses that are also self-motivated, engaged, and active in their local, niche, and online communities.  

While a pervasive digital reality has rapidly evolved over the past few decades, making digital marketing strategies such as SEO indispensable for businesses, many of the fundamentals of generating awareness about, positive associations with, and a standout name for your brand actually haven’t changed a bit (though they may have been given fancy new names). 

In fact, in today’s ever-changing digital landscape, augmenting high-tech SEO strategy with good, old-fashioned practices like person-to-person networking and being an involved community member can actually still have a hugely positive impact—including on search engine rankings.  

At First Rank SEO, our experienced team is dedicated to staying one step ahead of our SEO strategy to keep your business ahead of the competition.  Among a whole host of other elements, this does involve backlink building.  But there are also many ways that you, as a business owner, can work to organically improve your off-page authority and drive organic traffic to your website on your own.  Combined with First Rank’s SEO, the results can be even more powerful!  

Below, we’ll look at ten effective approaches for improving your brand awareness that can also organically help your SEO.  For more information about how best to tailor the ideas in this post to your business niche, contact us directly at First Rank SEO.  


What Is Off-Page SEO?

Off-page SEO refers to any strategic actions that improve a website’s search engine rankings from outside the website itself.  Common examples of off-page SEO include backlink building, guest posting, and social media marketing, but it can also include much more (see below).


Why Is Off-Page Authority Important?

The primary goal of off-page SEO is to build your website’s authority.  In the context of SEO, website authority refers to a website’s trustworthiness and quality, which is largely determined by its backlink profile.  

To put it simply, the more high-quality backlinks your site has, the higher its authority.  The higher its authority, the higher its rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs).  

Therefore, building quality backlinks leads to improved rankings.  But how do you build quality backlinks for your business?  

While backlink building can be a slow and sometimes complex process (a process that leading SEO service providers like First Rank excel at), there are many ways to organically improve your off-page authority and, yes, even boost your backlink profile simply by engaging in good business practices in smart, savvy, and creative ways.  

Let’s take a closer look!  


10 Ways To Organically Improve Your Off-Page Authority

Creating buzz is key to generating organic traffic, authority, and backlinks.  Here are some proven methods that you can use on their own or in combination with one another:


1. Connect With Others on Social Media

Connecting in person is still important for brick-and-mortar businesses, but no matter what type of business you run, developing an active, engaged, and follow-worthy social media presence for your business is paramount.  

Of course, information about products, services, and promotions will make up a substantial portion of your posts, but cultivating your brand identity, building relationships, and joining your local and/or niche community online is also key.  Truly connecting with others on social media involves actively using digital platforms as a springboard for sharing, commenting, and responding to those around you.  

Actionable Tips

  • Share relevant posts and information from other local businesses in your community or from companies whose products or services complement your own (and ask them to do the same for you).  
  • Share something inspiring or something that will bring on a smile.  
  • Share informative blog posts about aspects of your products or services that people might be curious about or unaware of.  
  • Actively support and dialogue with others in your industry.  


2. Become a Sponsor

Seek opportunities within your budget to sponsor local events or initiatives such as sporting events, performances, or fitness activities.  It may take a little digging to find the right fit, but when you do, you’ll be making a positive difference while also generating buzz and promoting your brand.  The SEO impacts can be significant.  

Actionable Tips

  • Seek out events or initiatives that connect to your business or are close to your own heart, and share that passion with your clients or customers in person and online.  
  • Include information about sponsorships on your website and social media channels, and ask the organizations you are sponsoring to reciprocate.  


3. Host a Special Event

From street parties to holiday celebrations to exclusive shopping events with free sample services, nothing generates more organic buzz and interest than a highly anticipated special event.  Be sure to comprehensively market your event beforehand and follow up with online images and posts afterward to keep the momentum going.  

Actionable Tips

  • Promote your event through press releases, your website, social media platforms, and other marketing channels.  
  • Consider the demographics of your target audience and plan special events accordingly.
  • Ensure that all safety regulations have been met for in-person events.  


4. Engage in Philanthropy

Make your business a force for good by supporting charitable initiatives and organizations.  Financial donations are the most standard form of philanthropy, but donations of time, services, or products can also be uniquely impactful.  Highlight your philanthropic efforts on your website and social media channels or through press releases, and you may receive media coverage and/or backlinks from nonprofits and news outlets.  

Actionable Tips

  • Consider donating a percentage of proceeds from a specific product or service to charity, offering volunteer opportunities for your staff, or supporting charitable initiatives such as auctions or raffles with donated products or services.  
  • Highlight philanthropic efforts on digital platforms to receive positive brand recognition and backlinks.  


5. Offer Educational Experiences

Every business has something to teach, so consider what sort of educational offerings might fit your niche.  Workshops, lectures, podcasts, webinars, and web series are some possible formats that might attract curiosity and attention from interested community members.  

Actionable Tips

  • Educational experiences don’t have to be long or formal.  Choose a topic you’re comfortable with and share it in a format that will resonate with you and your target audience.  
  • Promote educational experiences on your website and social media platforms to create interest and gain authority.  


6. Launch a Scholarship or Fund

Make a difference in the lives of up-and-coming entrepreneurs or professionals in your business niche by launching a scholarship or fund dedicated to professional development or ongoing education.  Ensure that your brand identity and the principles associated with your business are clearly communicated and upheld.  

Actionable Tips

  • Launch your scholarship or fund with digital coverage and ensure it’s distributed to potential recipients through the proper digital channels.  
  • Be sure to publicize recipients on your digital channels, which may lead to further connections, backlinks, and coverage.  


7. Participate in Trade Shows or Conferences

In the past, setting up a booth or speaking at a trade show or conference may have had little bearing on your business’s digital presence and visibility, but today, it can build authority for your website.  Promote your participation on your digital platforms and take the opportunity to actively network with participants and other presenters online as well as in person.  

Actionable Tips

  • Generate buzz about your upcoming booth or presentation and highlight other booths or presenters you’re excited about.  Very likely, they will return the favour.  
  • After the conference or show is over, share highlights or memories and continue to build connections with the contacts you made.  


8. Apply for Awards

Find out what awards exist in your niche and actively apply for them.  Winning an award can offer great publicity and can also give a boost to your business’s overall online authority.  

Actionable Tips

  • If you can’t find an award in your exact niche, consider more general business or community award categories.  


9. Develop a Publication

Whether it’s peer-reviewed research, a much-anticipated seasonal catalogue, or a simple newsletter, a publication is a wonderful opportunity to spotlight your business and build authority for your brand and website.  Consider sharing publication links online and inviting public feedback and engagement.  

Actionable Tips

  • Consider including QR codes or other digital elements, even in hard-copy publications, to maximize online visibility, engagement, and authority.  


10. Collaborate With Educational Institutions

From offering a guest lecture at a prestigious university to running an internship program for practicum students or attending the job fair at your community’s local high school, collaborating with educational institutions is a natural opportunity to build connections and improve your online presence.  

Actionable Tips

  • Reach out to local educational institutions if you have ideas for collaborating with students.  
  • Publicize educational collaborations your business engages in (but be sure to ask permission before sharing any images of young students on digital platforms).  



To conclude, there are various ways to organically improve your off-page authority and drive traffic to your website.  Combined with the professional SEO services offered at First Rank, the strategies covered in this post can significantly impact your business’s search engine rankings.  

Contact our team directly to learn more about First Rank’s SEO services and how they can benefit your business.  We look forward to working with you!

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