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Vancouver is full of incredible opportunities. As one of Canada’s most important economic engines, it accounts for 7.5% of the country’s total GDP. The city also has one of Canada’s fastest growing populations. That’s great news for businesses; people and wealth are pouring into the city at an incredible rate. Every business is looking to capitalize on this growth – even your competition. How do you stand out in a crowded field? By using our Vancouver SEO services.

We’ve helped businesses like yours see incredible growth. While traditional advertising is broadcast to anyone who will listen, SEO helps you find customers who are actively looking for your services. In other words, they’re already deep in the sales funnel – they know they have a need and they’re looking for someone to fill that need. We help make sure you’re the first company they find.

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What is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the art and science of improving how your website looks to search engines. When someone is looking up terms, phrases, and questions that are related to your company, you want to be the first search result they see. SEO is all about making sure you get the top slot on search engine results pages (SERPs). Slots are ranked numerically, so if you’ve got the top slot, you’ve got the first rank! It’s right there in our name.

To understand SEO, you need to understand what the companies running search engines are trying to do. Like any other business owners, they’re trying to increase revenue – they do this by ensuring that people use their search engine, and advertising to those users. When people aren’t getting the results they want, they might migrate to a different search engine, so companies like Google want to provide high-quality search results.

In other words, great SEO isn’t about tricks and loopholes – it’s about making sure your site is well-designed and filled with relevant content. You need products and services that solve problems – we know you’ve got a handle on that.

You also need a site that’s easy to navigate, both for people and robots (more on those later). You need answers to hard questions that people look up online. You need to have a great online reputation – and that doesn’t just mean good reviews. For all of this and more, you need our Vancouver SEO services.

SEO in Vancouver

One of the most important parts of SEO is understanding the local niche – the terms that people in a given area are most likely to look up. There are companies who advertise Vancouver SEO whose headquarters aren’t even in Canada; one wonders if they can possibly understand all of the nuances of the large metro area.

For example, targeting Vancouver exclusively might not be the best strategy for your business. Specifically targeting other cities in metro Vancouver can be a huge asset; you don’t want to neglect customers in Burnaby, Richmond, or Surrey. Depending on the nature of your business, you might also want to target regions like Fleetwood or Gastown, or even communities slightly outside of the metro area.

Understanding the news and nuances in an area is essential to SEO; you need to make content that’s relevant to what people are searching for. While most people aren’t even aware of how ride sharing works in Vancouver, an auto shop with content about the various ride sharing services could attract people who are looking for an Uber because their car broke down. They could even target the article to people in Port Coquitlam who don’t have ready access to the SkyTrain.


On-Page SEO

Most of what we’ve described so far is related to what’s known as on-page SEO. When you’re optimizing on-page, you’re creating content on your website that’s relevant to Vancouverites. More specifically, you’re creating content that’s relevant to what search engines think is relevant to Vancouverites – an important distinction.

Search engines read things differently than people do. Our content is optimized for search engines – we find out what’s ranking right now, and we structure word counts, headings, keywords, and URLs to boost you to the first rank.

The algorithms that search engines use to find the best content are always changing, so we’re constantly tweaking our content strategies. That’s another reason SEO is completely unlike any marketing strategy you’ve ever seen – we’re always optimizing, so as trends change, your website stays on top.

Off-Page SEO

Earlier, we mentioned that reputation mattered, and that reviews weren’t the only part of your reputation. When you’re creating great, unique content, other websites will want to link to it; after all, they want to help their clients, and if you have the best resources on a topic, they’ll want to send people to your site to get information.

This is off-page SEO: when other well-respected sites link to your website, it signals to search engines that you’re offering relevant content. This might mean getting linked by local blogs like Inside Vancouver, or it might mean getting linked by other players in your industry. Our off-page SEO strategy involves creating high-quality content, then reaching out to relevant websites to encourage them to share your content.

Technical SEO

Making your website easy to navigate for users is essential. Making it easy to navigate for robots is, too, but it can be a lot more difficult to understand how robots behave. That’s where we come in. Search engines use robots to “crawl” around the web, indexing websites to make them easy to search for. When your technical SEO is done right, it’s easy for those robots to access and index every page on your site. What’s more, sites that load faster are prioritized by Google. We’ll help make sure everything on your site renders quickly.

Google My Business

You’ve almost certainly seen Google My Business (GMB) before. When you Google “pizza near me” and you see a few restaurants pop up with images, addresses, and phone numbers, you’re seeing GMB results.

Setting up and optimizing a GMB for your business is essential; GMB results come with a built-in call to action so they’re great for quickly converting leads into paying clients.


First Rank SEO for Vancouver​

We’ve only touched on a small number of the hundreds of things we can do to ensure that your business ends up in the first rank of any search results page. We’ll target our efforts to make sure you stand out among other businesses in Vancouver so you can take full advantage of the economic boom that’s still in full swing. Trust a Canadian SEO company – choose First Rank.

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The purpose of First Rank is to help businesses generate leads from their websites. We put a focus on SEO, because we believe it is one of the most cost effective and highest converting forms of traffic generation, however traffic alone is not enough on its own to grow your business. SEO should be combined with conversion optimization, email marketing and retargeting to maximize the ROI of your advertising dollars.