The Virtual Presence Framework Implementation or VPFI service is a white glove package designed to take any service based business and transform it into a titan of the virtual world.

This framework is based around developing and optimizing the five paramount elements of a virtual presence – prospect generation, virtual salesfloor, ideal offer, lead nurturing system and marketing automation.

Businesses with or Virtual Presence Framework fully implemented will have:

  1. A client facing website that is fast and accessible and is designed with a comprehensive SEO strategy to ensure it ranks in search engines and generates traffic and leads.
  2. A customizable reporting dashboard merging data from 4+ different sources and outlining easy to understand digital marketing KPIs and user engagement metrics across multiple channels.
  3. A presence that goes beyond a website including 50+ branded entities and social content syndication to 10+ brand assets.
  4. An ideal offer and lead capture system designed to convert website visitors into paying customers through our proven lead nurturing and marketing automation system.
  5. An automated customer experience management system that will alert the business when customers are dissatisfied and generate social proof and client testimonials on autopilot.

Do any of the following statements describe you?  If so, our VPFI might be a perfect fit for your business.

I don’t have enough content describing my services and the features and benefits of working with my company?

I don’t have an email list or a lead nurturing or marketing automation system.

I don’t have compelling sales copy for my offer pages or email followup sequences.

I don’t have the systems in place to collect and understand the data I need to determine if my marketing initiatives are generating a positive ROI.

I don’t have a CRM for managing leads that come in from my website.

I don’t have a content marketing strategy.

I don’t have a website.

Most service business owners know that they need to have a robust virtual presence, but other things take priority and it gets piecemealed together over time or forgotten about and there are usually big gaps in the system that render the strategy ineffective.

With VPFI, we start with what you have (even if that’s nothing) and build those pieces into a cohesive strategy.  This package includes everything you will need.  We’ll consult with you regularly to make sure we’re building your virtual presence to accurately reflect your bricks and mortar reality, but we’re not expecting you to have time to write pages of content or develop offers or downloadable assets.

We’ll work with you within our framework to understand your business and build all of the systems and assets required for the successful implementation of VPFI.

What’s included?

User Experience and Search Engine Optimization

 $6,500 Value

  • Website Segmentation – Identifying and constructing landing pages for the core areas of the business segmented logically to improve user experience and improve search engine rankings for high intent search terms.
  • Website Structure – Optimizing the use of navigation menus, headings and internal links to guide users and search engines to the most relevant and important page on the site to help them fulfill the intent of their visit.
  • Website Content and Sales Copy – We will write up to 10,000 words of optimized website content to communicate the businesses value proposition effectively to prospective customers and search engines.
  • Website Accessibility – Ensure compliance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 as well as the recommendations put forward by The Accessibility for Manitobans Act found here.
  • Website Speed and Compatibility – Ensure website pages load quickly both for human visitors and search engines and are easily viewable on devices of all common sizes and aspect ratios.

Data Collection and Visualization

 $2,500 Value

  • Setup Meaningful and Trackable KPIs – Configure actions we want website visitors to take as goals and set up easy to understand reporting on goal completions across different time frames and traffic sources.
  • Build Custom Reporting Dashboard – Provide you with a custom reporting dashboard with easy to understand visualizations of the effectiveness of your different marketing channels utilizing the most important metrics from Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google My Business Insights, and Rank Tracker.

Lead Capturing, Nurturing and Marketing Automation

 $12,000 Value

  • Setup Meaningful and Trackable KPIs – Configure actions we want website visitors to take as goals and set up easy to understand reporting on goal completions across different time frames and traffic sources.
  • Ideal Offer Creation – The collaborative creation of an ideal offer for potential customers based on their stage in the buying process.
  • Lead Capture Integration – Configuration of website offers and forms to pipe leads directly into the CRM, lead nurturing and marketing automation systems.
  • Live Lead Capture for SMS Chat – Integrated chat widget on the website to initiate an SMS conversation between you and your prospective customer.
  • CRM Integration – Integrate a logical sales pipeline within the CRM to manage leads and trigger marketing automations.
  • Marketing Automation Configuration – Design and build multichannel lead nurturing and marketing automation systems based around customers’ stage or status in the sales process.
  • Automated Email Sales Copy – Up to 8 emails and 8 SMS messages written and configured in the marketing automation sequences.

Multi Platform Brand Entities

 $1,500 Value

  • Build and Optimize 50+ Brand Entities – These are optimized profiles on popular review sites or online directories which help both human users and search engines to find your business.
  • Build or Optimize 5 Social Profiles – Set up or optimize 5 social profiles for your business as well as configure content syndication so new posts on your website are automatically shared to your social properties.
  • Press Release Distribution – Write and distribute a press release about your company to over 300 online media sources.

Customer Experience Management and Social Proof Generation

 $1,200 Value

  • Configure Automated Customer Experience Followup Survey – Set up feedback requests to go out automatically via email or SMS after a customer interaction.
  • Automatically Request Reviews or Testimonials from Happy Customers – Set a rating threshold so only customers that leave positive feedback are asked to leave public facing reviews or testimonials.

Comprehensive SEO Strategy Blueprint and Training

 $1,200 Value

  • Competitor Audit – Identify where competitors are succeeding and failing with search engine optimization and where there are opportunities to replicate their success or exploit their weaknesses.
  • Ongoing Content Plan – We’ll outline a 12 month content strategy and write, format and schedule blog posts for the next 12 months.
  • Off Page SEO Strategy – Lay out the best opportunities for being featured and mentioned on high authority or industry relevant websites.
  • Comprehensive Video Training – As well as a live walkthrough, we’ll provide in depth video training on how to continue to succeed with your SEO strategy, as well as training on how to efficiently work with the tool suite we implement.

Software Stack

 $3,600 Value

  • 1 year of the entire software stack – including CRM, marketing automation software, rank tracking software and customer experience management software..