First Rank Newsletter – Q2 2023

Welcome to the Q2 newsletter from First Rank! In this edition, we’ll provide a recap of what’s been happening at First Rank, keeping you up to date with the latest Google developments, team events, and process changes. So, let’s dive in and discover all the exciting happenings at First Rank!

Upcoming Changes to Reports

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We made some changes to our reporting! The report is now a one-stop report where the written report and the statistics will be in one PDF so clients can find all the information they need in one file. 

The statistics portion also got an update with more metrics on user generation and bigger time frame comparisons to see the impact of SEO in generating traffic to their site. The new metrics cover a more in-depth look and impressions and clicks, as well as branded and non-branded searches. We will be rolling out these changes through the next few months. Stay tuned!  

Broad Core Update

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The official rollout of the Google March 2023 broad core update is now complete after taking 13 days to finish its rollout, which began on March 15.

As a brand, business, or organization, it is vital to be aware of Google algorithm updates as they can significantly affect your website’s performance in search results. A core update can impact your organic traffic, conversions, and revenue, whether positively or negatively. Knowing about these updates helps you understand if any changes you made to your website caused the shift in rankings or if it was something that Google changed with its ranking algorithm.

First Rank has reviewed every client for any negative movement due to the update and has updated strategies accordingly. We continuously monitor new updates to Google’s algorithm to ensure our clients stay ahead of the pack.

Google’s Deleting Inactive Accounts

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Have you recently accessed any of those nostalgic Gmail accounts? Google announced a new policy where any personal accounts that have been inactive for a duration of two years or more will be deleted. This will begin in December 2023. 

Inactive accounts are prone to potential breaches or unauthorized access, emphasizing the need for Google to take action. This is particularly crucial for those who rely on personal Google accounts for integration with third-party tools like Google Business Profile or various social media platforms. We recommend checking if you use any personal accounts for your business and ensuring you have logged in recently and that two-factor authentication is set up. 

Eventful Summer Ahead

two men sitting at booth at tradeshow

First Rank is thrilled to embark on an eventful summer season filled with a lineup of exciting sponsorships. Our support extends to prominent golf tournaments, including the esteemed PPMA, Toba Centre, Agape Table, and several other events.

This year, we were particularly excited as we made our debut appearance at the Rady JCC Sports Dinner—a momentous occasion to engage with NHL Legends and join forces to uplift our community. The event was a fantastic opportunity to connect, network, and celebrate.

The summer ahead holds great anticipation for us at First Rank as we eagerly anticipate the camaraderie, sportspersonship, and memorable experiences that await us through these sponsorships and events.

First Rank Celebrates Team Anniversaries

We are delighted to recognize some employee anniversaries in our 2nd quarter. 

Aliza – Editor – 1 year on April 18th! 

Kiara Fulham – Operations Manager – 4 years on May 6th

Around The Office

Digital Marketing Day

Man standing on stage presenting at digital marketing day in winnipeg

We had a blast at this year’s Digital Marketing Day! Our team members had a great day learning, connecting, & networking with marketing professionals in Winnipeg. Jacob presented how SEO is one of the most impacted spaces by AI and machine learning advancement. Thank you to the Advertising Association of Winnipeg for hosting the event and to everyone that came out. 

The Rec Room

team sitting down for lunch at the rec room

First Rank had a super fun team-building day at the Rec Room! We got to compete in teams and played awesome games like Connect 4 Basketball and Mario Kart. It was a blast! We all split up into teams and gave it our all, laughing and cheering along the way.

The Community Gym

Team at the community gym

The team wrapped their hands, slid on some gloves, and learned some new punches at The Community Gym. We had an incredible time sweating it out together and supporting a local downtown business!


We hope you enjoyed this quarter’s newsletter, filled with exciting updates and valuable insights. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to reach out to us directly.

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