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More Exposure

Increase your businesses exposure by taking control of the first page of Google

More Leads

By optimizing your website to actively capture leads, and increasing the number of visitors to your site you will see a substantial increase in leads generated.

More Revenue

Watch your company grow with a steady stream of new customers.


The bottom line is if you don’t make a great ROI you won’t continue to hire us month after month. We’re only looking for long term relationships, so if we don’t think we can get you a great return on investment we won’t take you on as a client to begin with. To ensure the sustainability of our agency we only like to take on new clients that we’re sure we can generate an ROI of at least 100%. That said, most of our clients are seeing a 200% – 500% return on our services.

We Are Part of Your Team

Our only goal is to help you succeed. Most SEO companies base their packages on specific quantities of tasks that will be accomplished. In contrast, our SEO services are based on the results we will achieve for you. If you’re project turns out to take twice as much effort as we expected that’s on us. In short, we work until you rank. End of story.

Trackable Results

You should know which advertising dollars are generating revenue for you and which are wasted. We have proprietary call tracking software and Analytics software so you can see exactly where your new clients are coming from and track them through every step of the sales process. This information helps determine which advertising campaigns should get scaled and which should get cut.

Forward Thinking

We don’t base our business on loopholes that will get your website ranking on the first page of Google in today’s algorithm, and de-indexed in the near future. Our methods are aligned with Google’s core values, and we look forward to new algorithm updates which generally weed out sites using questionable SEO practices and help our clients’ sites move up in the search engine results pages.


Winnipeg SEO Company Results
Winnipeg SEO Results

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